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Grant Awards


We invite you to learn more about The Community Foundation for Carver County.

For more information, please contact (952) 250-5138, e-mail: carvercountyfoundation@gmail.com

Growing a community foundation takes time and the investment of many to be successful.  We hope to be a significant future partner in contributing to the success of many organizations and initiatives across Carver County.


Grant Application Guidelines

Grant requests should be focused around initiatives, programs, and services that serve those living and working in Carver County, that avoid duplication of existing services and that provide evidence toward the areas of interest.

Grant Application

Our Foundation is in the process of revising our more formalized grant application process.  In the meantime, a cover letter along with the following information should be included as your request for funding:

  • Legal name, address and telephone number of the organization and the name, signature and address of the contact person.

  • A brief description of the organization, including its goals, purposes, and a short history.

  • A brief description of the project for which funds are sought, what it hopes to achieve, and how it will be accomplished.

  • If previously funded by our Foundation, what changes will be implemented as a result of lessons learned from your last funding cycle?

  • The amount of funds requested and the timeframe for which funds are needed by and will be utilized during.

  • The names and qualifications of individuals responsible for implementing this project.

  • Documentation of the organization’s nonprofit and tax-exempt status, if not a church or governmental body (municipality, county, etc).  Please include a copy of the 501(c) (3) ruling from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Please submit your request for funding to:           

      The Community Foundation for Carver County

      P.O. Box 468

      Chanhassen, MN 55317


Our Grant History

Thanks to generous contributions thus far, the following grants have been made possible:

February 2016 - $500 Grant to the Eastern Carver County Youth Council to support their project to raise awareness among youth of the dangers of drug and alcohol use.

January 2016 - $1,000 Grant to the Southwest Carver County Fire Explorers to purchase uniforms for local youth training and development as firefighters. This grant was made through the Hamburg Fund.

December 2015 - $250 Grant to Hope Rides in Mayer, MN to support their horse related mentoring programs serving at risk youth, veterans and disadvantaged families.

November 2015 - $1,350 Grant to Chaska Moravian Church in Carver, MN to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED) through the St. Francis Heart Fund.

October 2015 - $3,000 Grant to New Beginnings

December 2014 - $2,000 Grant to Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hamburg, MN through the Hamburg Fund.

January 2014 - $5,000 Grant to New Beginnings

November 2013 - $1,600 Grant to St. Nicholas Church in Carver, MN to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED) through the St. Francis Heart Fund.


September 2013 - $3,200 Grant to St. Francis Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Clinic to purchase 2 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) through the St. Francis Heart Fund.


January 2009 - $5,000 Grant to Carver County Health Partnership (CCHP)

With proven successes such as Eat. Talk. Connect! and the Senior Commission, the CCHP has a history of tackling big issues by drawing in critical players within the community. This grant assists the CCHP in addressing an overlapping concern of keeping people connected with a sense of belonging in the face of rapid population growth.

Summer 2008 - $5,000 Grant to New Beginnings

Based on the success from the 2007 grant, The Community Foundation for Carver County has increased its support to New Beginnings by providing a $5,000 grant for the summer of 2008.  Paul and Sheila Steiner's fund again contributed to this grant. The vast majority of the teens have one or more “special need” that places them at greater risk for academic failure, interpersonal violence, dysfunctional relationships, poor pregnancy outcomes, economic dependency and other problems.  The increase in funding provides enhanced opportunities to connect with single teenage mothers and provide academic and “out-of-school” enrichment activities for pregnant and parenting teens to meet their educational needs and cultivate their emotional and social development.

Summer 2007 - $2,000 Grant to New Beginnings

In June of 2007, The Community Foundation for Carver County awarded a $2,000 grant to New Beginnings.  The award to New Beginnings came from Paul and Sheila Steiner's fund at the Foundation.  New Beginnings provides an alternative educational program to help vulnerable pregnant and parenting teens receive a high school diploma and the necessary life skills to prepare them for successful transition into post-secondary education, gainful employment and responsible citizenship.  With this small grant, summer supportive activities and visits to single teenage mothers were accomplished through weekly or bi-weekly home visits, a variety of field trips for both mother and child and mothers with their peers, as well as transportation and food when necessary. Successes of the grant included:

  • All young girls remained pregnancy free and none were involved with the police or child protection. 

  • A strengthened supportive network was created.

  • Young mothers connected with their children and others going through the same stressful experience. 



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