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Giving Opportunities


We invite you to learn more about The Community Foundation for Carver County.

For more information, please contact (952) 250-5138, e-mail: carvercountyfoundation@gmail.com.

Why Choose The Community Foundation for Carver County?

  • We are a local organization. All of our board members live or work in Carver County. We can bridge your interests to address the local needs that exist.

  • We want to make a difference.  Our board and staff are dedicated to helping those who live and work in Carver County.  With your assistance, we can do just that.

  • We 'connect the dots'.  It's our role to connect potential donors -  and their charitable interests and resources - with local needs.  We make giving easy, flexible and effective.

  • Giving to the Foundation provides tax deductions. We are a 501(c) (3) charitable organization and have the ability to provide you with the maximum tax deduction allowable by law. Deductions vary by the type of donation received but tax deductions allow you to give back to the community and save money while doing it.

  • We are professional. Both board and staff are committed to providing the best experience possible for our donors.  With our professional guidance, resources and awareness of the community needs, we can work in concert with you to make the most of your donation.  This is your opportunity to give where you live and support causes you are passionate about.

  • We make it easy. As a community foundation, we save you from the expense and hassel of creating your own family foundation.  If you choose to do so, you can direct your funds to an interest area while we manage all of the details, such as audits and tax filing while providing you with quarterly updates on the status of your fund.

Ways to Give

Here at the Foundation, we try to accomodate your needs as a donor.  You can choose from several different Ways to Give that meet your charitable goals and take advantage of the tax deductions.

Types of Funds

There are many Types of Funds available to either establish your own fund or contribute to an existing fund. Fees vary depending on type of fund established and are set to recover some of our costs in effectively managing and investing the funds.  Please consult our Fee Schedule for further details or contact the Foundation directly.

Charitable Options

Local Expertise, Local Issues

  • We provide local expertise and match donor interests with community needs.
  • We bring people and organizations together, convening diverse voices to address local issues and opportunities.

Financial Advantages

  • Reduce income and estate taxes.
  • Avoid capital gains.
  • Funds are professionally managed to provide a competitive investment return.


Ways to Give

Types of Funds

How to Start a Fund

Fee Schedule

For Professional Advisors


Ph: (952) 250-5138 | E-mail: carvercountyfoundation@gmail.com | P.O. Box 468, Chanhassen, MN 55317 | For Staff