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Giving Opportunities


We invite you to learn more about The Community Foundation for Carver County.

For more information, please contact (952) 250-5138, e-mail: info@carvercounty

Ways to Give

We offer a wide variety of ways that you can give a charitable gift to the Foundation.  They include the following:

  • Cash- Cash is the easiest way to give to the Foundation. These type of gifts can be in the form of currency, money orders, checks or credit card charges. Checks should be made payable to “The Community Foundation for Carver County” and mailed to the Foundation’s address.

  • Securities- The Foundation welcomes gifts of stocks and securities, which may also help you avoid capital gains tax on appreciated securities.  Both publicly traded securities and closely held securities are accepted upon review of the gift acceptance committee.

  • Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations- These assets make excellent gifts to leave to charity, as the funds go immediately to the Foundation and bypass probate, a lengthy and expensive process.  You may give an existing paid-up policy by making the Foundation the owner and beneficiary.  This gift could provide an immediate tax deduction for part of the existing policy cash value.  Younger donors may want to explore purchase of a new policy with the Foundation being owner and beneficiary.


  • Bequests- Charitable bequests enable donors to provide for their community after death.  Wills and trusts are the most common types of bequests.

Sample Bequest Wording:

I devise to The Community Foundation for Carver County, a non-profit corporation of the State of Minnesota (state amount of money, or):

  • Describe specific real property (real estate) or
  • Personal property (collectibles, stock, bonds, insurance, furniture, jewelry) or
  • designate a portion (percentage) of the estate or
  • residue (remainder) of the estate to be given.  (Note: Designating a specific percentage of the estate allows your gift to grow as your estate grows.)

to be held and invested by the Foundation as part of its Endowment.

Please note: Your bequest may be made for specific purposes; however, an undesignated bequest allows flexibility to meet changing community needs.

  • Charity as an Alternate Beneficiary- Donors and supporters of the Foundation can write a “common disaster” or contingent beneficiary clause in their will. 

  • IRA Accounts or Other Retirement Plan-Donors and supporters of the Foundation can make lifetime gifts of retirement plan assets, or name the Foundation as beneficiary of their retirement plan assets in their will. 

  • Real Estate and All Other Properties- All gifts of real estate and all other properties are evaluated on a case by case basis, depending on the legal and financial expenditures that may be present.

  • Life Income Gifts- There are several ways to give assets now but retain income for yourself and a loved one.  These gifts are called Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts.  You may choose either fixed or variable income; Income for life or a for a period of years; Income to begin now or at your retirement.

  • Special Giving Options- Additional giving opportunities such as split-interest gifts, charitable lead trusts, transfer of a private foundation, giving option for a private foundation, corporate giving in the community, estate or trust – gift to charity, or charitable organization closing are all decided on a case by case basis, depending on if it is in the best interest of the Foundation to accept them.

Consult your financial advisor for legal and tax advice.  Please call the Foundation to explore any of the above giving opportunities.

How to Start a Fund

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