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Professional Advisors


Mark Your Calendars...

To attend our Professional Advisor Discussions - 2014 dates TBD.

To schedule a meeting or discuss charitable giving options, please contact us at (952) 250-1538 or by email at info@carvercountyfoundation.org.

To add your name to our growing list of Professional Advisors serving clients of Carver County, please send your contact information to info@carvercountyfoundation.org.

Fee Schedule



As an educational service to Professional Advisors, The Community Foundation for Carver County will provide the following resources for your clients:

  • Printed materials describing charitable giving options

  • Computer generated gift plans showing tax benefits

  • A meeting with you and your clients to discuss charitable giving options

  • Discussion seminars each year for you to learn how charitable alternatives will fit your client's estate plans:

    • 2014 Schedule: TBD

Help Your Clients Leave a Legacy

How can you help your clients explore charitable estate gifts that leave the right legacy?  To help determine that answer, ask your clients these 10 Questions.

Sample Bequest Wording:

I devise to The Community Foundation for Carver County, a non-profit corporation of the State of Minnesota (state amount of money, or):

  • Describe specific real property (real estate) or
  • Personal property (collectibles, stock, bonds, insurance, furniture, jewelry) or
  • designate a portion (percentage) of the estate or
  • residue (remainder) of the estate to be given.  (Note: Designating a specific percentage of the estate allows your gift to grow as your estate grows.)

to be held and invested by the Foundation as part of its Endowment.

Please note: Your bequest may be made for specific purposes; however, an undesignated bequest allows flexibility to meet changing community needs.

Professional Advisor Council

The Foundation wishes to thank those professional advisors who helped one or more clients plan the gift portion of their estate through the Foundation's permanent endowment funds.  To see if The Community Foundation for Carver County might be a good fit for your client or to add your name to our Professional Advisor Council, please contact the Foundation at info@carvercountyfoundation.org.

Legacy Society

A gift club has been established by the Foundation to honor and recognize persons who give an estate gift (either outright or deferred), to establish a permanent (endowment) fund.  Legacy Society members names will appear in the Foundation's Annual Report unless the donor requests anonymity.


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